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Whether you are a beginning metalsmith or want to learn more advanced metalsmithing techniques, James Carter Studio has classes for you!

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  • Free Tutorials

    2 videos

  • Cloisonné Enameling - Skills

    8 videos

    Learn the skills required to do cloisonné enameling from a master enamelist! Cloisonné enameling consists of thin wires laid on a flat or curved surface of the metal to replicate a line drawing. Designs can be simple to difficult. Powdered glass in different colors is applied to bring out the des...

  • Jewelry III - Project - Banded Ring

    2 videos

    The Jewelry III project is an advanced project that utilizes multiple skills from Jewelry I and II and builds upon them. It involves roller-printing, bezel-making, soldering, riveting and stone-setting. This project will fine-tune your metalsmithing skills and increase your jewelry-making reperto...

  • Jewelry III - Skills

    1 video

    In Jewelry III, we will cover advanced metalsmithing techniques such as wire bending, forging, metal forming and stone setting. This further builds upon the foundation set by Jewelry I and Jewelry II, increasing the level of difficulty on previously learned skills.

  • Jewelry II - Project - Leaf Pendant

    2 videos

    The Jewelry II project is an intermediate level, three-dimensional leaf pendant. It utilizes basic metalsmithing skills like soldering and sawing, and builds on that with intermediate level skills like piercing. This project will take your metalsmithing skills to the next level.

  • Jewelry II - Skills

    3 videos

    In Jewelry II, we will cover intermediate metalsmithing techniques such as piercing, bezel making, forming, filing and finishing. This builds upon the foundation set by Jewelry I and will take your metalsmithing skills to the next level.

  • Jewelry I - Project - Spinner Ring

    2 videos

    The Jewelry I project is a basic level spinner ring. Fun to learn and easy to make, this will make your foray into metalsmithing a breeze! Additional techniques like braiding and texturing are also included.

  • Jewelry I - Skills

    3 videos

    In Jewelry I, we will cover basic metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, soldering, simple riveting, embossing and texturing. This is the foundation level essential for a beginner metalsmith.